​​​Family Law Client

"Calling an attorney's office can always be nerve racking and is normally under unfortunate circumstances.  Lindsay Hartz and her paralegal, Ashley Somariva, were most professional at approaching my particular situation, which entailed a child custody dispute.  Through meticulous negotiation with the adverse attorney,Lindsay proposed an agreement which solved the issues at hand.  Hartz Law, P.C. sets the bar extremely high and strives to ensure their clients receive the best possible outcome based upon their individual needs.  Call Lindsay Hartz if you want an attorney that will confront your dilemma head on and still maintain a relationship once finalized."

~ Margaret

Chesterfield Client

"Lindsay has an impeccable team!  She certainly is savory in her business decisions and has the best taste in hiring people that are indeed her "front people" and quite an asset I might add.  It was a joy to work with you all and I would highly recommend your firm to anyone that needed your services.  I do wish each and every one of you the best!"

Family Law Client

"Cases involving Family Law, especially children, are extremely personal and sensitive. When Ms. Hartz spoke to me the first time, my soul told me she was the ONLY person that truly cared and would help my family out of a nasty situation. The case was handled so delicately that to this day, I will forever be grateful for Hartz Law, P.C. Everything about her practice gave my family the upmost confidence. Ashley returned every single phone call and e-mail, no matter how silly of a question I had asked. This was a huge case that was unfortunately prolonged into an appeal, not by our side. However, they held my hand the entire way. NEVER was the focus on money, rather their top priorities were ALWAYS with the safety and well being of my family. Words will never be enough to show my gratitude for the steadfast dedication that was displayed during the entire ordeal. To recommend being represented by Ms. Hartz is an understatement. Rather to say first hand she is without question the BEST ATTORNEY that absolutely cares for her clients and their family. Ashley is simply the kindest soul I have ever had the privilege to work with. From my family to whom ever reads this while considering proper representation, please know that Hartz Law, P.C. earned the nickname "Guns N Roses" for being absolute rock stars in their law firm. Thank you so much."

~ Steven M.

​Dinwiddie Client 

"Thank you so much for all you have done to keep me sane through this. So glad we picked your firm, it was easy and not intimidating to work with you both."

Sussex Client
"Thank you for your help in this matter. You have made a stressful situation completely painless for me and I really appreciate that. Your kindness and professionalism was much appreciated.  Thank you again. Take Care."

Petersburg Client
"I am so appreciative of your efforts and am pleased with the outcome. Thank you both for your professionalism and quick responsiveness! I will definitely recommend your firm to my friends and family if they ever need help in your area."

Mecklenburg Client
"Thank you so much for all your help! This was my absolute first (and hoooopefully last) ticket of any sort and you/Ms. Lindsay have been nothing but helpful, upfront, and informative ever since I made the initial phone call looking for representation. I will definitely recommend your firm to anyone I know that has problems in this area in the future."

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Client Testimonials 

We love hearing our Client's feedback and love to share it with potential new Clients, on who might on the fence over who they should choose to represent their interests.  

Adoption Client 
"I honestly don’t do reviews often, I probably should ? But when I tell you Lindsay and Ashley have CHANGED OUR LIVES. I mean it! Lindsay has not only handled my divorce, she handled my husbands as well. (She needs a raise for that one [😅] [👏🏼] If you know, you know!) She went above and beyond for both of us and because of that… we came back!!! Again… and again. At this point I felt like I could use the term “ we spoke to our attorney “. Lindsay AGAIN… 5 years later helped us with termination of a child support order while my husband was overseas and it happened quick fast and in a hurry! Lastly and maybe MOST important- She assisted us in the adoption of my daughter to my husband! The process was quick, flawless and within a blink of an eye… my little girl is INSANELY happy to get the news from Lindsay & Ashley - her adoption is final!! So in all the cases we have had we have only had amazing experiences and I would never ever use anyone else! I highly recommend Lindsay and I give major props to Ashley for holding everything down, she is absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! As much as we hope to never need an attorney again lol I will never ever use anyone else!!"

Prince George Client

"Ashley & Lindsay- Thank you for your help in my defense.  I appreciate your expertise in defending me in court.  Everything about how you handled my case was done with the highest degree of professionalism!  I am so glad I chose your office out of the many available!  The initial phone call to your office and speaking to Ashley was why I chose your firm to represent me!  Professional and courteous!!  Thank you again for your efforts on my behalf!  Well appreciated!" 


Sussex Client

"I wanna make sure that you and Lindsay know the work you've done has been quick, easy to follow and right on the money on getting the best results possible.  Sadly this is not the sort of services you expect to ever have again but its been a fantastic labor and follow up effort that would lead me to recommend your services or partake once more if it would ever be required again.  I hope your office is frugal on its workload and that many more success stories come to you and the clients you represent.  It's been a pleasure to have you represent and follow through on my case.  Again, many thanks for all your work."

Adoption Client 

"If you are looking for a lawyer that goes the extra mile and doesn’t think of their clients as numbers then look no further!! 
Lindsay and her Paralegal Ashley are the Team for you! 
There is no worst feeling then having to worry about the safety and well being of your child or children.
Lindsay and Ashley was there every step of the way for my husband and I when we was seeking full custody of his son from his first marriage and they where there for the entire process for me to adopt him as my son!! 
Every question whether it was via phone or email was answered in a prompt, caring and professional manner!!
If you are in the need of an Excellent Lawyer that is going to work for you then I highly recommend you give Lindsay and Ashley a call today!!"

Dinwiddie Client

"Thanks again for you working on this case for me, please relay my thanks to Lindsay Hartz for representing me during my court date.  If I were nearby I would hug you all because during times like these it becomes stressful not knowing the outcome.  This team of professionals have been very helpful and have provided me encouraging words while awaiting the Judge's orders.  I knew choosing you all to represent me was the right choice even though I received countless attorney's requesting there help to me.  Maybe it was God sent, but I know it was the right choice no matter what.

- John R.

Greensville Client
"Thank you so much for everything you did for me. Hiring you guys as my lawyer was the best thing I could have done. I truly appreciate it. I have already paid the fine so now I have no more worries. Hopefully I will not need your services again, but things happen so if I do I will be reaching out. Once again thank you so much."